Charity Bradford’s The Magic Wakes

An Interesting Mix of Genres In “The Magic Wakes,” Charity Bradford takes the reader on a ride using various elements of science fiction and fantasy, which turns out to be a very interesting and rare combination. When you mix dragons and magic with spaceships and futuristic technology — old world versus new world — it’s a leap of imagination. Talia Zaryn, a scientist on her home world, Sendek, has had troubling nightmares for years: an alien invasion that culminates with her death during Read more […]

Charity Bradford

Charity Bradford Interview interview with Charity Bradford November is National Novel Writing Month. is getting into the spirit by highlighting budding authors. Charity Bradford is one of our featured authors this month.  She is working on her third novel, “Fade Into Me.”  She has a Kickstarter project going, to try to raise the money to publish it. In this first of a series of interviews, Charity Bradford tells us a bit about herself.     L&B:  Read more […]

J.T. Geissinger’s “Into Darkness.”

Lumina Bohn has a secret. And it is one that will get her killed. “I’m different. I’m dangerous. I’m almost certainly not human. And if I want to stay alive, no one can know.” She is not human. Of that she is sure, for how else can she explain starting fires with a thought and stripping abilities from others she touches? Life after The Flash is controlled by the Imperial Federation, the power that imposed order on the few remaining outposts of humans. Toxic clouds poison the air and Read more […]

Hannah Howell’s “If He’s Daring”

“Her father needed tending to first, the dazed look in his gray eyes telling her that he was not ready to answer all her questions, not even the one now screaming in her mind. Where is my son?” Fiery redhead Cathryn Gryffin de Warrene arrives home to find her father beaten and her son taken by her dead husband’s brother, Morris. Without a second thought to her reputation, she flies to her six-year-old’s aid, hell-bent on retrieving her child from the villain who took him. When her Read more […]

Caitlin Kittredge’s “Street Magic”

“Magic kills, Pete. Get used to it.” Pete Caldecott, a Detective Inspector with the London Metropolitan Police at twenty-six, has an idiot ex-fianceé and a job following in her father’s footsteps. When a case for a missing child leads her to a dump of a hotel with a lead, the last thing she expects to find is Jack Winter: former frontman for The Poor Dead Bastards, her idol at sixteen, and a magic user. “He’d been bloody and still the last Read more […]


Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” 1

“I’d watch out for doors if I were you.” Richard Mayhew leads a very predictable life. After 3 years in London he has a controlling fianceé, a steady job in securities and days of endless edification at the hands of his wife-to-be. And that is because Richard, for all his contradictions and waffling, seems to have so much potential if the right woman (read his fianceé takes him to hand. With her, Richard’s life follows a predictable routine. Until he moment he stops Read more […]

Rainbow Rowell’s “Eleanor & Park”

Eleanor’s life is dire. Her mother has married a terrible person and the living conditions for her and her siblings are deplorable. Eleanor’s options for getting out of the house are limited, which is how she finds herself on a bus one morning on the way to yet another new school. Park’s life isn’t terrible. But he does his best to avoid the bullies on his bus and anything that would make his half Asian, comic book and punk rock loving self a target. He isn’t Read more […]

Eleanor & Park

Madeline L’Engle’s (BANNED!) “A Wrinkle in Time”

Meg Murry can’t do anything right. She’s always getting in fights at school—people keep making snide remarks about her father’s disappearance—and no matter what she says or does, things are always her fault. Add to that glasses, braces, and frizzy hair, and you have what she considers a walking disaster cocktail. Her one solace in life is her baby brother, Charles Wallace, who always seems to Know just what to do or say to make her feel better—that is, Read more […]

Marie Hall’s “Her Mad Hatter”

Alice Hu owns and works at the Hatter’s Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe, reveling in her fascination with Wonderland and the start of a new business venture in Waikiki, Hawaii. But on the heels of her fantastic first day, she takes the card with a white rabbit that a strange customer gives her, and follows the instructions written on it: Rub Me. She barrels into Wonderland, at the feet of the Mad Hatter, a deliciously handsome and off-his-rocker denizen of Wonderland. Or is he more than that? Because Read more […]

M.C. Beaton’s “The Banishment”

“‘There are six of you,’ said Mrs. Kennedy. ‘The six beautiful daughters of Mannerling. Did nobody fall in love with any of you? Or was the love all for the house?'” Impeccable breeding. Fabulous wealth. Beauty. The Mannerling estate. Isabella Beverly has it all, or does she? Bred to be a beautiful adornment in her fabulous home, she fails to take her first Season. In fact, she’s even classified a bore, because despite her accomplishments, her attention is fixated on her ancestral home, Read more […]